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Relocation Consulting Attorneys In Buffalo

As the custodial parent, you must get court approval before you relocate with your child if there’s any sort of travel restriction, whether it’s in your custody agreement, your divorce judgment, or state laws.

Moving-Away Requests After A Divorce

At Smith and Messina, LLP, we understand that life changes can happen very quickly. Sometimes, it is absolutely necessary to move away from the area where your divorce was finalized. Job opportunities, family obligations, and other factors can cause a person to relocate away; however, picking up and leaving is not as easy as it sounds when children are involved in a divorce decree. If you are looking to relocate after your divorce, you need to ensure that you are working with an understanding divorce attorney who can assist you in obtaining a proper modification for your divorce orders. Smith and Messina, LLP, can help. Our family law firm represents relocating parties as well as parties who wish to contest a relocation.

New York Divorce Relocation Laws

Depending on whether you are the custodial parent looking to move with the child, or the non-custodial parent looking to move away from the child, you may face certain complications. A court takes into consideration the following circumstances when determining if you may be able to relocate:

  • The relationship between the parent and child
  • The reason for relocating
  • Impacts the move would have on the parents’ relationship with each other and the child
  • The impact the move may have on the child
  • The practicality of being able to uphold visitation agreements

We provide hands-on guidance through relocation proceedings and help parents submit new child custody orders and visitation plans. If your relocation affects child support amounts, we can also assist with recalculating a fair support amount.

Choose Our Firm For Your Family Law Needs

Without the assistance of a family law attorney, you could be drawing out a long legal process. We understand that when the opportunity arises to move, many people do not think they have the time to waste completing lengthy relocation procedures with the court, which is why we do everything in our power to ensure that your case reaches an amicable resolution as quickly as possible.

If you have questions or concerns regarding your situation, do not hesitate to contact Smith and Messina, LLP, right away by completing a case evaluation form or call 716-648-1400 for a consultation now. Retaining the representation of my firm can help you reach a relocation agreement beneficial to you, your spouse and your child.