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What Is Debt Settlement?

Debt settlement programs typically involve the company negotiating with your creditors to allow you to pay a “settlement” to resolve your debt.

Our Firm’s Debt Settlement Program

At Smith and Messina, LLP, we understand your options and can help you fight against debt collection agencies. Debt settlement is a debt relief option that can help you avoid filing for bankruptcy. Debt settlement can help you negotiate your debts and avoid the process of bankruptcy. This form of debt relief involves negotiating the terms of a debt or negotiating to accept a payoff of the debt. Conditions of your particular debt settlement must be negotiated. Contact our firm for help through this process.

Square One Credit Relief

Our bankruptcy lawyer has developed a program to resolve clients’ debts without the need to file for bankruptcy. We’ve developed the “Square One Credit Relief” plan – a results-driven, honest consumer program for debt settlement. The goal of this program is to help get consumer’s finances back to square one. When our clients use our Square One Credit Relief debt settlement program, we help them get their finances back on track.

Advantages Of Our Program

Our Buffalo bankruptcy attorney has helped many clients resolve their debt issues through this program.

Some of the benefits to our debt settlement program include:

  • Stop harassing calls If the creditor violates any part of the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act, we can hold them liable. We can also inform you of your rights.
  • Price – The amount you save toward repayment will accumulate until the debt can be resolved, rather than going right to our firm. Our fees are dependent on debt reduction, not on the total amount of debt.
  • Game plan – Debtors can receive high-quality legal guidance and knowledgeable counsel through their bankruptcy. We can offer you information regarding any type of lawsuit or collection method.
  • Collection lawsuit defense – Our firm has the experience needed to negotiate settlements for our clients and to defend them in court. Debt collectors hire experts to sue you, which means that you need to be adequately protected.
  • Results – Our firm can negotiate a settlement, obtain documentation supporting your settlement, and inform you of your obligations and benefits in the settlement. We can fight to provide you with significant debt reduction.

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We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.