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The Truth About Bankruptcy

With so much disinformation concerning bankruptcy, the law offices of Smith and Messina, LLP, can help you separate myth from facts.

Helping You Make The Right Decision

Bankruptcy still carries a negative connotation for many people. They that there will be permanent damage, both financially and personally. While it is true that bankruptcy is not the right answer for all circumstances, it can often be the best solution for challenging financial problems, giving people a way to start over after incurring crippling debt.

If you and your family are struggling financially and feel like there is no way out, consult with a knowledgeable bankruptcy lawyer in Buffalo to explore your options. Our attorneys at the law offices of Smith and Messina, LLP, have been included in the list of Super Lawyers, so when you hire us, you can be sure you are getting quality, experienced, personalized service. We will work diligently to develop a strategy that achieves positive results for your case.

Common Myths About Bankruptcy: Get The Truth

You can trust in the legal guidance that we offer. Our firm is qualified to help you through each stage of the case.

Bankruptcy Will Destroy My Credit Permanently

Filing for bankruptcy is not a death sentence for your credit score. In fact, most people who file have already seen what late payments, charge-offs and judgments will do to a credit score. Filing for bankruptcy allows you to discharge unsecured consumer debt, and will over time allow you to rebuild your credit, as you no longer owe many of your debts. Bankruptcy is meant to offer you protection and give you a chance to restore your financial standing. After a period of time, you begin to see positive changes, and you will get offers for credit prior to this in most cases. Many of our clients receive new credit offers even before their case is finalized.

If I File For Bankruptcy, I Will Lose All I Have

We hear this concern often, but it is simply not true. Filing for bankruptcy does not mean you will lose all your possessions and property. Typically our clients keep their homes, vehicles, and other valuable assets. The only property that can be sold to pay your debt is that which does not fall into a New York exemption category, which is usually very little, and in most cases, our clients lose nothing other than debt. A skilled bankruptcy attorney can review your unique situation and give you further information about which exemptions apply to your case.

I Do Not Need A Lawyer To File For Bankruptcy

The bankruptcy process is challenging and complex. Without the help of an experienced legal professional, many people run into serious difficulties when attempting to file without legal help. It is best to hand this complicated and time-consuming process over to a qualified Buffalo bankruptcy lawyer who can take the burden off your shoulders. Still not convinced? Read more about why you should hire us before you make any decision.

Leave The Hard Work To Us: Buffalo Bankruptcy Attorneys

Don’t risk your financial future by hiring an inexperienced attorney or trying to file bankruptcy on your own. Let us help you clearly understand the process and determine if bankruptcy is right for you. With our help, you can be sure all is done correctly to properly eliminate your bad debt and protect your assets in the process. Submit an online case evaluation today to get started or call 716-648-1400.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.