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Contrary to common belief, when a man's name is indicated on a child's birth certificate as the father, this doesn’t establish paternity.

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Determining who the biological father of a child is can be highly beneficial to all parties involved. In the state of New York, a man who is not married to the mother of a child will not automatically be declared as the father. Legal steps may need to be taken in order to protect parental rights and the child's right to know who their biological father is.

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How To Establish Paternity In New York

There are a few ways that paternity can be established. If a father does not willingly give up a DNA sample, a court order may be obtained to make them submit a sample for the test. Once a DNA swab has been taken via tissue collection in the cheek or once a blood sample is taken from both the potential father and child, the samples can be tested for a genetic match. If there is a match, the father can claim parental rights to the child. A father's rights may include having custody or visitation rights and a say in how the child is raised. Mothers can also benefit from establishing paternity because a DNA match will mean that the mother may be able to obtain child support from the father.

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