There are seven different grounds for divorce in the state of New York; irretrievable breakdown, cruel and inhuman treatment, separation agreement, imprisonment, adultery, abandonment, and judgment of separation. A divorce lawyer can help determine which may be right for you.

This varies depending on the complexity of your case, such as whether your divorce is contested, uncontested, or if you have a large amount of assets to divide. On average, uncontested divorces can take around 3 months, sometimes up to 6 months. Contested divorces can take an average of 9 months or take longer than a year to complete. There are many factors to consider, so work with a seasoned attorney to help you obtain a quick and effective outcome.

In any divorce case that involves children, there are some special considerations that need to be evaluated. You and your attorney can work with your spouse to determine child custody and visitation arrangements and ensure that the child's best interests are always kept in mind.

Yes. The state of New York recognizes legal separation as an alternative to divorce. These are known as separation agreements and are filed with the court clerk in Buffalo. You and your attorney can determine if legal separation may be the right course of action for you and your spouse to take.

You may encounter some complications if you want to move after your divorce is finalized, especially if children are involved and custody arrangements are outlined in your divorce decree. If you want to move or relocate, you need to work with the skilled divorce attorney at my firm.

Any adult whether single, jointly married or a stepparent over the age of 18 may be eligible to adopt a child in New York. As long as you and your attorney can prove that you are capable of supporting a child, you may be able to work with an adoption agency or adopt through a private adoption.

Yes! It is always recommended that paternity be established for a child. It is highly beneficial for all parties to know the identity of the biological father. Once paternity is established, fathers can have full legal access to their child and mothers can gain financial assistance from the father.

It is never recommended that you try to file for divorce on your own. Divorce papers can be confusing, and the laws governing divorce may be difficult to understand. If a paper is not filed properly or completed correctly, it may need to be resubmitted, which can cost you time and money. Working with an attorney is the best way to protect your assets and ensure that a quick resolution is achieved.

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