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Bankruptcy is a court proceeding in which a judge and court trustee examine the assets and liabilities of individuals and businesses who can't pay their bills and decide whether to discharge those debts so they are no longer legally required to pay them.

Bankruptcy? We Can Help!

Are you considering filing for bankruptcy or dealing with another legal matter? The fact that you have come to this website shows that your situation feels out of your own control. This in itself is a sign that you need an experienced lawyer in Buffalo to help you through your issue. If you are dealing with substantial debt, you likely do not know what to do next and are faced with anxiety and calls from debt collectors.
At Smith & Messina LLP, our goal is to develop a personalized plan of attack for each client's situation. Our firm is all about finding real solutions for individuals in need of legal assistance. At Smith & Messina, we also assist clients with real estate law matters to ensure their transaction is closed successfully.

There is hope to your financial situation. Do not be discouraged by your current debt, but instead, look to the future after bankruptcy. When we represent debtors, we listen to them and formulate a game plan. Our firm's goal is to provide information on all possible solutions available so our clients know which route to pursue. We want you to trust in the debt relief solutions available and the representation we offer. Contact us today to get started!

If you have found yourself wondering whether you need an attorney, the answer is most likely, "yes." Whether you are faced with a lawsuit or harassment from your creditor, you should not hesitate to seek immediate financial relief. Our firm can help you if your finances seem unmanageable and you are unable to pay your bills. If you are faced with a lawsuit and do not know how to respond, you will need a knowledgeable lawyer by your side. The primary mistakes people make when facing debt are:
1: Ignoring financial problems
2: Trusting creditors
3: Not asking questions.
The longer you wait to resolve your financial situation, the more difficult it will become. Also, keep in mind that creditors are equipped with the legal tools necessary to win the lawsuit. If you are unguarded when you handle your debt issue, the results could be damaging. At Smith & Messina, we can talk through your financial issue with you to determine the appropriate solution.

Since 2004, our firm has personally handled cases in New York. Our legal team can help you determine if bankruptcy is right for you and which track to pursue to receive financial freedom. We can help you determine whether a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy is most appropriate for your situation and how you can receive the debt relief you need.
As you navigate the bankruptcy process, you can trust in our firm to guide you. If you choose to work with our firm, you will receive personal assistance from an attorney - not a paralegal. Our Buffalo bankruptcy attorney personally reviews each file and interacts directly with the client. One of our most significant traits as a law firm is our willingness to listen to our clients. We will sit down with you to discuss your personal objectives at this time and then go to work to want to fervently pursue the determined objective.

Have Questions About Where To Begin?

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Bankruptcy Services

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For many individuals, filing for bankruptcy is a means to stop creditor harassment and obtain a chance to resolve their financial situation.


Alternatives to Bankruptcy

For some, it may be difficult to fully comprehend the psychology of debt and how it can have power over virtually every aspect of a person's life until they live it.

the bankruptcy process

Bankruptcy Process

Prior to filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you will need to complete a credit counseling course from a U.S. Trustee approved agency.


is bankruptcy right for you

Is Bankruptcy Right For You?

When you are determining whether or not bankruptcy is right for you, it is important to ensure that you know all of your options.

chapter 7 bankruptcy

Chapter 7

If you file for bankruptcy under Chapter 7 of the United States Bankruptcy Code, you can have all of your unsecured debts discharged.

filing for chapter 13 bankruptcy

Chapter 13

Has your debt become out of control? When you find yourself far behind on payments, filing for Chapter 13 may be the best resolution.


stop creditor phone calls

Creditor Harassment

Many laws are set in place to protect individuals from the unlawful and harassing actions often displayed by debt collectors.

debt litigation attorneys

Debt Litigation

Everyone is likely familiar with the feeling of failing to make a credit card payment or pay a medical bill on time.

order of protection attorneys

Debt Relief

As you seek to relieve financial strain from your current debt issue, we encourage you to obtain a case assessment from our firm.



Collection Lawsuit Defense

If you are facing financial issues that have subsequently turned into a debt collection lawsuit, do not panic.

avoiding reposession of property


One of the most frightening aspects of going into debt, defaulting on a loan, or filing for bankruptcy is the threat of repossession.

bankruptcy questions and answers

Bankruptcy FAQ's

Answers to some of the most asked questions concerning bankruptcy.


debt-settlement options

Debt Settlement

At Smith & Messina LLP, we understand your options and can help you fight against debt collection agencies.

stop wage garnishment

Wage Garnishment

Wage garnishment is one of the most harmful tactics taken to collect on overdue payments.

the truth about bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Myths

Common Myths about Bankruptcy - get the truth about what bankruptcy is and is not.



The Means Test

The means test is a process through which you can determine whether you are eligible to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

bankruptcy exeptions

Bankruptcy Exemptions

If you are worried about losing valuable assets in bankruptcy, this is a common concern.