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Need A Family Lawyer To Help You Adopt A Child?

Adoption is a wonderful option that can provide families with the joy of bringing a new child into their home. At The Law Offices of Smith & Messina, we can assist you with all kinds of different adoptions including:

  • Agency adoptions.
  • Private adoptions.
  • Foreign or domestic adoptions.
  • Stepparent adoptions.

When an adoption is done correctly, the execution should be simple and worry free, allowing new families to quickly be joined as a legal family unit. Our firm is ready to provide you with relevant information regarding eligibility to adopt, and we can assist you with completing all necessary paperwork and in-home inspections to ensure that your adoption process goes as smoothly as possible.

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How Long Will The Adoption Process Take?

The adoption process may vary depending on specific conditions of the adoptive parents and the birth mother. Generally, there are no specific time frames that can be given, but most adoptions take between six months and one year to complete.

Which Type Of Adoption Should I Pursue?

Our firm can also advise you as to the best type of adoption to pursue. There are two different kinds of adoptions that you can have with the birth mother: open adoptions and closed adoptions.

  • Open adoptions allow the birth parents to have access to the child throughout the child's life and visit on occasion.
  • Closed adoptions mean that no contact can be made with the birth parents after the adoption is complete.

Discuss Your Options

Single, married, or widowed, older or younger – almost any adult who is over the age of 18 with a clean criminal record and the ability to support a child may be eligible to adopt in New York. Adoption can be affordable and a great way to expand your family and welcome a child in need into your home.

As adoption attorneys, we am committed to providing clients with outstanding representation and the assurance of knowing that their case is in good hands. The adoption process does not have to be complicated, and when you work with one our professional adoption attorneys, we do everything in our power to help make the process as smooth as possible.

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